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Cam-Plus Surface Tensiometer Surface Tensiometer Fluid Tensiometer
Cam-Plus PGX+ Goniometer Surface Tensiometer Fluid Tensiometer
Series of contact angle meters, highly repeatable QC and analytical tools for measuring the contact angle on a variety of substrates.
Measures Static/Dynamic Contact Angles to determine wetting, absorption and spreading over time.
SensaDyne instruments can continuously monitor surface tension within fluid sample streams, using a flow-through cell arrangement.
The PC500-LV uses a patented Maximum Bubble Pressure, Viscosity Compensated method for measuring both Dynamic & Static Surface Tension.
DuNouy Tensiometers SensaDyne Tensiometers    
DuNouy Tensiometers SensaDyne Tensiometers    
For measuring surface tension - quickly - ideal for checking liquids, including oils, detergents, serums, colloidal suspensions, chemicals and other products.
Information on accuracy, stability, and software for SensaDyne Tensiometers.
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