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We have separated our products into categories based on your testing needs. Click on the category name or description below to view the products we carry for that section, or you can find the product you need by industry on our Products by Industry page.

Friction & Wear Testing, Washability Machines, Rub - Scratch - Falling Sand Testers
Scrape - Adhesion - Mar Testers, Cupping and Cross Cut Testers, Paint Adhesion and Tape Tests
Applicators, Cryptometers, Draw Down Plates & Machines, Paint Charts and Panels, Vacuum Pumps
Color Comparators, Light Booths, Color Standards, Fandecks, Reflectance - Gloss - Haze Meters
Weight Per Gallon Cups, Specific Gravity Testing, Volumeters, Hydrometers, Flowability Testers
Fineness of Grind Gauges, Lab Roller Mills & Grinders, Jar Mills, Blenders, Blades, Mixers, Strainers
Drum Handling
Drum Cradles, Handlers, Lifters, Tilters, Loaders, Drum Accessories, Pumps, Lid Sealers, Wrenches
Drying Time/Gelation
Electronic Multi / Quad Cycle Drying Time Recorders and Instruments, Gel Timers, Hot Plate Timers
Film Flaws
Pinhole, Bird Dog, AP/W and M/1Holiday Detectors, Porosity Testing, Peak Reading Voltmeters
Film Thickness
Dry & Wet Coating/Film Thickness Gages & Standards, Non-Destructive and Calling Card Gages
Hardness Durometers, Testers and Standards, Pencil Tests, Hardness Rockers, Pendulum Tester
Impact and Flexibility
Impact Testers, Flexibility and Stiffness Measurement, Mandrels, Plastics Testing, Falling Dart Tester
Lab Apparatus
Flashpoint Testers, Ultraviolet, Hot Plates, Sieves, Timers, Lab Accessories, Light and Sound Meters, Ovens
Measuring Instruments
Balances, Moisture Analyzers, Scales, Force and Friction Measurement, Tachometers, Wall Thickness Testing
Moistrue, Air, Temp
MFFT, Weather Meters, Air Flow and Temperature Measurement, Thermometers, Humidity and Moisture Testing
Optical Instruments
Pocket Pal Refractometers, Microscopes, Magnifiers, Inspection Scopes, Comparators and Reticles
pH & Conductivity
pH and Conductivity Meters, Water Quality and Analysis Testing, Oil Content Analyzer, Turbidimeter
Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides for Testing Purposes in the Paint, Coatings and Related Industries
Surface Profile
Pipe Gauges, Surftests, Surface Roughness Comparison Testers & Standards
Surface Tension
Fluid Surface Tension, Contact Angle Measurement, Pocket and PGX Goniometers, Tensiometers
Penetrometers, Zahn, Ford, Parlin & Fisher Viscosity Cups, Viscosity Tubes, Oil Standards, Viscometers

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