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SALEAdhesion (Wet) Tape Test Roller

Meets and Exceeds ASTM D 2510, D 1000, D 3000, D 3000M, D 1654
Meets Federal Test Standard 141D and 141C Method 6301.2 & 6301.3
Ref: ASTM D 3330M, MIL-PRF-23377, MIL-PRF-85285, BSS7225

This method covers a procedure suitable for establishing acceptability of inter coat and surface adhesion of an organic coating system immersed in water. The procedure may be utilized as a production test.

The photo illustrates the roller called for in the method. It is a 4-1/2 pound rubber covered roller having a surface Durometer hardness value within the range of 70 to 80. The roller is approximately 3-1/2" in diameter and 1-3/4" wide. It is made of steel and has two plastic handles.

Adhesion Tape Test Roller

Apply the coating system to the substrate and allow to dry as specified in the product specification. Immerse the test specimen in distilled water for 24 hours. Remove the test specimen from the water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Within 1 minute after removal from the water make two parallel scratches, one inch apart, through the coating to the metal with a stylus. See Scriber below). Immediately apply a 1" wide strip of the masking tape with the adhesive side down across the scratches. Press the tape against the surface of the coating by passing the roller across the tape eight times. Remove the tape with one quick motion and examine for damage to the intercoat or surface adhesion. Store the roller using the acrylic ring stand furnished; this protects rubber mat from flattening. Test Tape Roller

Carbide Scriber
The Gardco carbide “Super Scriber” is of high quality Swiss workmanship – durable, long lasting, reliable, and light-weight but rugged.The slightly tapered shape and small diameter of the carbide metal scriber tip 1/16" (1.5mm) make it easy to use the “Super Scriber” in hard-to-get places. Super Scriber
  • When in the retracted position, the scriber tip is protected

  • A handy clip is provided for easy portability

  • The end piece is hardened and tempered, and the carbide point is easily replaced

  • Knurled handle for a firm grip

  • Replaceable carbide refills are available

Scribe Cutting Tool Scratch Gage
ASTM D 1654
ASTM D 2510

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Item Number Item Prices
PA-1411 March Product of the Month Sale -
Rubber Covered Stainless Steel, 4 1/2 lb. Roller (75 A Scale ±5)
(Meets FTS 141D and 141C, M6301.2, M6301.3, MIL-PRF-23377, MIL-PRF-85285)
Was $335.00
Now $301.50
PA-1411/CC Same as above with Certificate of Conformance 435.00
PA-1411/CCD Same as above with Certificate of Conformance, Data Points supplied 485.00
PA-1431 March Product of the Month Sale -
Rubber Covered Stainless Steel, 4 1/2 lb. Roller (80 A Scale ±5) (Meets ASTM)
Was $325.00
Now $292.50
PA-1431/CC Same as above with Certificate of Conformance 425.00
PA-1431/CCD Same as above with Certificate of Conformance, Data Points supplied 475.00
PA-141/250 Roll 3M No. 250 Masking Tape includes certificate having a minimum of six month shelf life from date of manufacture 56.95
PA-141/050 Carbide “Super Scriber” 27.00
PA-141/055 Replaceable Carbide Refill 14.00
PA-1419 Acrylic Ring Stand Replacement 18.00
PA-1420 Starrett #29 Parallel Scratch Gage (ASTM D 2510) 146.00
SL-5010 Scribe lathe cutting tool, style E(8) 1/64" nose radius carbide steel for (ASTM B117, A1.2.1, ASTM D 1654) 18.00

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