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Soil Resistivity Meter Resipod Milliohm-meter DSP Bresle Chloride Test Kit
Soil Resistivity Meter Resipod Milliohm-meter DSP Bresle Chloride Test Kit
The Model SR-2 is a very accurate resistance meter with a digital display.
Portable surface resistivity meter that provides useful measurement information about the state of a concrete structure.
This instrument is a portable digital meter to measure low resistances over the range 0.001Ω to 200Ω.
Includes all the necessary equipment for assessing the level of soluble salts on blast-cleaned surfaces prior to coating.
TDSTestr & ECTestr 11 Plus Soluble Salt Meter Cardy & Exstik Salinty Meter
RF-IT/CE-IT Insulator Tester TDSTestr & ECTestr 11 Plus Soluble Salt Meter Exstik Salinity Meter
The RF-IT and CE-IT test above and below ground pipeline insulators.
Oakton™ waterproof cup or dip style testing in a convenient picket sized meter with single or 1 point per range calibration.
The SSM has a hand held design provides a self-contained, easily transportable unit for soluble salt measurements.
One high accuracy multi-range sensor measures four parameters (Conductivity, TDS, Salinity and Temperature)
CHLOR*TEST Surface Salt CHLOR*TEST "CSN Salts" Bresle Patch Kit  
CHLOR*TEST Surface Salt CHLOR*TEST "CSN Salts" Bresle Patch Kit  
Developed for ease of use and to prevent outside and cross contamination.
The revolutionary new method for testing salt contamination is the most accurate field test on the market today.
These instruments test salt contamination on surfaces prior to coating application.
ExStik® PH100 & CL200 pH/ORP TesTrode EcoTestr™ pH 2 & pHTestrs ExStik® PH100 & CL200
LAQUAtwin pH/ORP TesTrode EcoTestr™ pH 2 ExStik® PH100 & CL200
The Laquatwin series are compact water qulaity meters fully water and dust proof that measure at the touch of a button.
This pH/ORP Tester is perfect for general purpose, environmental, pool & spa, aquaculture or other pH and temperature measurements.
The EcoTestr™ is economical and easy to use with its crystal clear, ergonomically designed display.
Flat surface electrode allows "on the spot" measurements of liquid, semi-solid, or solid samples.
pH Meter Kits Amine Blush Kit Oakton Benchtop Meters
Palm pH Meter Concrete pH Kits Amine Blush Kit Oakton Benchtop Meters
Waterproof pH Meter with big digit LCD display in rugged housing with a choice of stick or cabled pH Electrode.
A flat surface electrode design that provides fast and easy on-the-spot pH measurements on concrete
The TQC Amine Blush Kit is a multi step amine blush indicator.
The pH 700 and 2700 Series benchtop meters designed for today's crowded and demanding laboratories.
pH Electrodes pH Pencils & Test Papers pHastrode Temp Meter & pH Electrode
pH Electrodes pH Pencils & Test Papers pHastrode Temp Meter & pH Electrode
Special pH Electrodes specifically designed for paints and come complete with soaker bottle, a 3 foot cable and BNC connector.
encils are used for determining the pH of any surface.
This unique pH electrode design incorporates a flushing mechanism into the reference junction assembly of a standard epoxy or glass body pH electrode.
Flat Surface pH Electrode and Heavy Duty pH/mV Temperature Meter.
pHTestrs Waterproof pH Spear pHTestr® BNC 35-Series Testrs
pHTestrs 10, 20, & 30 Waterproof pH Spear pHTestr® BNC 35-Series Testrs™
pHTesters 10, 20, & 30 feature large display screens and have up to ±0.01 pH accuracy.
This instrument is a versatile, convenient and accurate spear-tip pH tester.
The pHTestr BNC is waterproof, dustproof and features microprocessor-based, all push-button operation.
Multiparameter and most versatile Testrs that combine up to five measurements in one pocket-sized meter.
pH Meter Kits      
Model 600 Oxygen Analyzer      
Measures both the percent concentration of oxygen in air as well as parts per million dissolved oxygen in aqueous solutions.
Turbidimeter U-50 Series Meters 350 Oil Content Analyzer Waterproof ORPTestr 10
Micro 100 Lab Turbidimeter U-50 Series Meters OCMA 500 and 550 Waterproof ORPTestr 10
Designed to provide the accuracy demanded by today's scientist.
Measure & display 11 parameters simultaneously with innovative features, newly designed control unit and sensor technology.
The OCMA 500 and 550 are oil content analyzers used for measurement of oil of wastewater and oil on components.
The microprocessor-based ORPTestr® is ideal for oxidation-reduction (redox) tests.
About Water Activity      
About Water Activity      
An article written by Decagon Devices, Inc. about water activity.
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