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Optical Instruments Moisture/Air/Temp Impact/Flexibility Measuring Instruments
Extech Borescopes Dewpoint Calculator BD3000 Conical Mandrel Profometer
Extech Borescopes Dewpoint Calculator Basic Conical Mandrel Profometer®
Waterproof borescopes, completely submersible in water down to 1 meter for 1 hour.
Simple calculator for determining the dew point and relative humidity.
The TQC Conical Bend Test “Basic” is a simplified version of the TQC Conical Bend Test “Pro”.
The Profometer PM-600 and PM-630 are advanced concrete cover meters.
Measuring Instruments Adhesion Lab Apparatus Moisture/Air/Temp
Radi Positest® uv400 Temp/Humidity Recorder
"Radi" Radiation Monitor Positest® AT Verifier UV-400 Series SuperFlood EDL-LN2 Temp Recorder
The PA-1000 "Radi" environmental radiation monitor makes it easy for non-specialists to measure even minute levels of gamma rays.
The Positest AT Verifier is ideal for checking the accuracy and operation of adhesion testers and.
The UV-400 Series is a powerful UV-A flood lamp designed specifically for NDT.
The EDL-LN2 is a digital 2 Channel Temperature Recorder for all your Liquid Nitrogen Shipments and Storage Requirements
Optical Instruments Application Moisture/Air/Temp Measuring Instruments
TQC Film App TQC Film App Fluke 59 MAX Stroboscope
PAL-Salt Probe TQC Auto Film Applicator 59 MAX / 59 MAX+ DT-361 Stroboscope
Pocket PAl digital handheld refracratometer salt meter with a probe for new style of testing.
Ideal for coating laboratories, paint production, surface finishing and powder coating.
The Fluke 59 MAX and 59 MAX+ IR are precision thermometers that are accurate and within the budget.
The DT-361 High-Intensity LED Stroboscope is a velocity analyzing and measuring device that is ideal for machinery process inspection.
Hardness Lab Apparatus Moisture/Air/Temp Optical Instruments
3363 Pencil Scratch Tester Test Sieves Air Leak Tester In-Line
Gardco/Wolff Wilborn Sieve Cleaning Brushes Positest Air Leak Tester In-Line Monitor
Pencil scratch hardness tester that features self aligning and positioning.
A wide variety of sieve brushes to meet you specific cleaning needs.
The PosiTest® AIR Leak Tester detects air leakage in building envelopes and air barrier systems.
Designed for in-line concentration measurements of ethylene glycol solutions used as coolants, brine, anti-freeze and de-icing fluids.
Gloss Measurement Measuring Instruments Adhesion Moisture/Air/Temp
Novo-Gloss Fluke 805 Meter PATTI-K Pocket Size Detector
Novo-Gloss 20/60/75 PT-110 Tachometer PATTI-K Adhesion Tester Vapor Score Test Kits
The Novogloss does full statistical analysis and is used for gloss measurement using 20°, 60°and 75° geometry.
Non-Contact Laser Tachometer is a simple to use, ergonomic, rugged test instrument that operates with optical laser technology.
Conforms to ASTM D 4541: “Pull-Off Strength of Coatings Using Portable Adhesion Testers” and is classified as a Type IV instrument.
Calcium Chloride Test allows you to achieve a quantitative figure which will coincide with floor manufacturer requirements.
Dispersion Density Moisture/Air/Temp Color Measurement
Fawcett Parts List Powder Angle of Reprose EDL SpectraLight® III
IBC Tote Tank Mixers Powder Angle of Reprose EDL-RTD2 Digital SpectraLight® QC
The Screw-On IBC Tote Tank Mixers are TT series air driven mixers for plastic totes.
The new Flowability Tester BEP2 provides a cost effective method for measuring the flowability of powders
The EDL-RTD2 Digital is a 2 channel temperature recorder for high temperatures.
The SpectrLight QC is a visual color assessement lightbooth that can practically meet any specification.
Optical Instruments Optical Instruments Moisture/Air/Temp Measuring Instruments
Pocket Comparator Set PR-Alpha "Palette" 572-2 Thermometer Magellan Vision System
Crystal XL SAC-i Auto Saccharimeter 572-2 High Temp Therm Magellan Vision System
An easy to use portable magnifier that can download clear magnified pictures onto a Personal Computer.
The SAC-i Automatic Polarimeter provides high accuracy measurement over a wide range and maximum usability with its touch screen.
The Fluke 572-2 High Temp Infrared Therm is the one product you can use in high temp industrial environments all around the world.
The Magellan Vision System features Multi-Point Video Edge Detection for fast and accurate non-contact measurements.
Adhesion Application Application Adhesion
ReliaPull® Precision Hand Proofer Proofer Storage Stand ReliaPull®
ZSF 2196 Anti-Sag Meter Square Applicator Manual Cupping Testing
The ZSF 2196 is a scratching tool for carrying out scribe marks through coatings on metal substrates.
The Anti-Sag meter allows quantification of the sagging properties of coatings.
Multiple Clearance Applicators combine the accuracy of fixed applicators with the versatility of multiple clearance/gap choices in one unit.
The Manual Cupping Tester is a revolutionary apparatus for testing the resistivity of coatings at various stages of deformation.
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