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Novo-Gloss™ Statistical Rhopoint IQ NovoLITE-Shade Duo™ Novolite™
RF Novo-Gloss Series Rhopoint IQ NovoLITE-Shade Duo™ Novolite™
Novo-Gloss Glossmeters - RF Single, Dual and Trigloss give maximum accuracy and resolution in all gloss applications.
The NEW Rhopoint IQ can measure all aspects of reflective appearance quality.
A dual function reflectometer for measuring shade and calculating opacity with 45/0° geometry.
New generation of glossmeters combine functionality & accuracy with a modern design that uses lightweight and durable materials.
TQC Glossmeters Novo-Gloss Micro-TRI-Gloss II µ Novo-Gloss Trio
TQC Glossmeters Novo-Gloss 20/60/75 Micro-TRI-Gloss II µ Novo-Gloss Trio
The TQC Gloss meter allows the user to measure fast and simple accurate gloss levels on any flat surface.
The Novogloss does full statistical analysis and is used for gloss measurement using 20°, 60°and 75° geometry.
The micro-TRI-gloss II μ measures both - gloss and thickness.
3 angle gloss meter with continuous read, flexible, calibration statistical analysis
USB download of data.
Novo-Curve™ Micro Gloss & TRI Gloss II Wave-Scan Dual Micro-Wave-Scan
Novo-Curve™ Micro Gloss/TRI Gloss Wave-Scan Dual Micro-Wave-Scan
The only instrument available for accurate gloss measurement on flat or curved surfaces, and large or small objects.
Gloss measurement instruments that is optimally tailored to all your measurement needs.
Orange Peel and DOI measurement on high to semi gloss surfaces.
With this instrument you can now measure orange peel and DOI on small and curved surfaces.
Pocket Detective 2.1 Window Tint Meter Gloss Checker IG-331 IG-410 High Gloss Meter
Pocket Detective 2.1 Window Tint Meter Gloss Checker IG-331 IG-410 High Gloss Meter
Window tint meter that is used to measure tint on fixed and roll down automobile glass.
Window tint meter that measures light transmittance through automobile glass.
The gloss checker that transforms ambiguous gloss into hard numbers.
Dual range checker for gloss and ultra high gloss measurement.
ZRS 6060 ZRM 6006 Visual Retroreflectometer ZGM 1120
ZRS 6060 ZRM 6006 ZVR 6000 ZGM 1120
A precision retroreflectometer instrument for the determination of night visibility of traffic signs, safety garments and other reflexive materials.
Retroreflectometer equipped with tried and trusted optics it measures the night and day visibility of road markings at top speed.
Visual retrorelectometer is mobile, user-friendly testing instrument for the visual determination of the Night Visibility of road markings.
The new generation of portable precision glossmeters for the determination of all gloss ranges. 
ZGM 1110 Glossmeter ZHC HELMEN Chalking Refo® 3D & Refo® 60D IQ Flex 20
ZGM 1110 Glossmeter ZHC 1200 HELMEN Chalking Haze-Gard i IQ FLEX 20/60
For measurement of all gloss ranges for all surfaces from matte to high gloss usable in all industries.
Unique instrument for quantitative determination of the degree of chalking resulting from natural or artificial weathering of coatings.
The Haze-Gard i is a reliable and precise haze and transmittance meter.
An established instrument for measuring reference of reflective appearance like Gloss - Haze - DOI - Goniophotometer.
Refo® 3D & Refo® 60D Haze-Gard Plus Haze Gloss®  
Refo® 3D & Refo® 60D D.O.I. Meter Haze Gloss®  
Reflectometers which produce fail-safe measurement and gloss-rating results.
An instrument method for evaluating the Distinctness of Image (D.O.I.) of automotive finishes and selective coatings.
This small, portable instrument evaluates the appearance of high gloss surfaces.
JPIA Chalking Tape Gloss Checker IG-320    
JPIA Chalking Tape Gloss Checker IG-320    
Chalking evaluations tape made up of clear protection film on a 3 section piece of tape.
The IG-320 offers stable and high precision measurement with ±0.5% full scale reproducibility.
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