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M/1 Holiday Detector 14/20 Holiday Detector 10/20 Holiday Detector AP/W Holiday Detector
M/1 Holiday Detector 14/20 Holiday Detector Low Volt Pinhole Detector AP/W-II Holiday Detector
This model has received wide acceptance in the corrosion control & industrial painting industry as a device for locating holidays in thin protective films.
Stearns combines its renowned solid technology with the innovation of regulated voltage to fashion quality instruments that are the top of the line in their field — the Model 14/20.
The TQC Low Voltage Pinhole detector enables you to inspect various coatings on conductive substrates for small defects such as holidays and pinholes.
Adjustable for such surfaces coated with a high electrical resistant material & the surface beneath the coating is electrically conductive.
10/20 Holiday Detector      
10/20 Holiday Detector      
The Stearns pulsating DC holiday detector with regulated voltage has a range of 800 volts to 35,000 volts, giving complete coverage for coating specifications.
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